One June 04 Lars released his latest single "Vicky's Eyes" (not included on any album) (check the video clip from the media page) and on June 07 the final reissue from Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision "On the Edge" was released.

Lars is also guesting on Joe McGurk's latest solo album "Encore" on June 21 on the track "Well Trodden Path of Regret".

Lars new album, "Sand and Blood" was released on November 16, 2017.

"Sand and Blood" is a hard rocking affair for fans of Lars early albums mixed with finesse and maturity that you can only get from a true veteran with more than 30 album in his back catalogue.

As it is 30 years since he released his debut solo EP "Can't Go On Without Your Love" the 11 track album will include a new 2017 version of this 1987 classic as well as a guest performance by Adrienn Antal.
All the other ten tracks are sung by Lars himself. Besides the album's two orchestrated tracks (one sung by Adrienn) this is a guitar dominated hard rock affair made for the stage. Alexander King (Condition Red) is playing the piano and Christer Jansson hits the drums.

You can also find a downloadable book that accompanies his new album filled with information, lyrics, images and more at this page MEDIA

Remastered reissues of the 1992 classic "LARS ERIC MATTSSON'S VISION" as well as the previously unreleased 1993 follow up and also a previously unreleased Live+ album as well as the 1997 VISION album "Till the End of Time" have been released as download and streaming between  May and August 2017.

The previously released VISION album "On the Edge" is to be reissued in a new version in 2017.

All VISION releases are now released as "Lars Eric Mattsson's VISION" to avoid mix up with another band with the same name.


For this album I recorded "Sonata No. 1 in C major, "Il pastor fido", Giga Op. 13, No. 1, RV 54"
and I also did one track with CONDITION RED, Concerto for Two Mandolins in G major, RV 532, Andante"

and on May 20 the ew Condition Red album "Illusion of Truth" was released.
It's a full blown concept album and features some of my best guitar tones to date.


I am currently working on a new CONDITION RED album to be released during 2016.
You can expect a totally new sound that fuses classic 70-ies prog sounds with more modern heavy tones on a few spots.

A concept album touching a subject that has never before been told (as far as we know at least).
As opposed to the two previous albums this one is much more focused and arranged.

CONDITION RED recently released a single, Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover)
which you can find on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, YouTube etc...

I have also recorded two of Antonio Vivaldi's tunes for the album Lion Music Presents: Antinio Vivaldi - A New Season.
One with Condition Red and one as solo artist.

My first all acoustic/vocal album, something I have been working on since 2008.

New interview posted at

After a long time of silence CONDITION RED will release a new digital single later this year. It's a cover of a classic track from 1966 that was very revolutionary at the time.

I have two new songs released July 2015:

July 15:

This is the debut single of my new live band ROADHOUSE, a cover of the Budy Miles classic previously recorded by Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsys), Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles, Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood etc...

July 17:

On July 17, 2015 Lion Music RELEASED the 11 track album "Lion Music Presents W.A. Mozart - Reincarnated" for which I arranged and recorded "The Magic Flute, Opera, K. 620: Ach, Ich fühl's, Es ist verschwunden". I was also the executive producer and mastering engineer for this album ehich is the second in a series of three.


I Have recently put together a new local live band aiming to play some cool blues and blues influenced classics in fresh new (but very free) arrangements. We will be looking for gigs from this summer. It has been too long since I did something like this just for fun.

On January 23, 2015 the album Lion Music Presents. Johann Sebastian Bach - Interpretations was released. I contributed to this album with Oboe Concerto in D minor (Marcello) Adagio BWV 974.


December 12:

Lars' second album NO SURRENDER album was reissued in a new version.


November 14:

Lars' debut album ETERNITY (1988) was reissued in a new version.


October 24:

Lars' 2004 album EARTHBOUND was reissued in a new version.


September 18:

Lars' second 16 track compilation album LET ME ROCK YOU 1984-87 consisting if early
unreleased early material (new recordings) was released.


August 15:

Book of Reflections's second album CHAPTER II: UNFOLD THE FUTURE was reissued in a new version with
all new vocals by Lars on 5 of the tracks.



Lars' first 16 track compilation album HOT & ABLE 1983-85 consisting if early
unreleased early material (new recordings) was released.



Condition Red's second album II debut album was reissued in a newly mixed and edited version.



Condition Red's self titled debut album CONDITION RED was reissued in a newly mixed version.




EPICENTRE was released in digital format on September 20, 2013.
15 Vocal tracks and 3 instrumentals make up Lars' new album.






The long awaited third instalment is released on 19 May 2012 on Lion Music.  Vocalists on this album are Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Evidence One, ex Domaim) and Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, Mattsson).  The style is more like that on the first BOR album yet more cohesive songs and arguably the most fiercest fretwork I have recorded in recent years!

Full information and online ordering @




Continuing the series of back catalogue remix/remastered '"Obsession" is released on 25 April 2012 via Lion Music.  Pre-order at

LARS ERIC MATTSSON - ETERNITY (Remixed and Remastered 2011 Version)  RELEASED ON JUNE 16TH 2011

A newly remixed and remastered version of my debut album is available exclusively as digital download from ITunes and CDBaby right now. These new mixes sound much better than the previous version.


My new all instrumental album "Aurora Borealis" will be released on Lion Music later this month.  Full information can be found on the albums page.





'Mattsson - Tango' sees release on Lion Music on 19 March 2010. 

'Tango' sees the collaboration between myself and vocalist Adrienn Antal who first performed with me on 2008’s 'Dreamchild' release. 'Tango' sees up build upon its predecessors foundations for this overall heavier release. Yet 'Tango' is arguably more accessible for the first time listener with tracks such as 'Believe', 'I’ll Find Another Way' and the title track epitomising this commercial aspect. To add another voice to the album I called upon Status Minor vocalist Markku Kuikka who darker style contrasts nicely with Antal’s.



October 01, 2009:
I am currently recording and composing what will become the next MATTSSON album, I hope to see it released early 2010. Unfortunately it seems like Adrienn Antal who sung on Dream Child won't be able to participate. No replacement has yet been confirmed. I am recording 10 tracks that I believe will become the best music I have done this far. The material is a mix of progressive metal and symphonic neoclassical but will also include some classic rock/prog ideas. Even though the album title has not yet been set this will become a concept album as I do have the main ideas clear. I think it's fair to say that this album will continue where Dream Child ended.

Lars Eric Mattsson - NO SURRENDER + LIVE released on May 22 2009
This is a new and much improved version of the 1988 classic along with 5 live tracks. I am currently working on another reissue planned for 2010.


I also composed the theme song for the 2009 international Island games ( as well as produced the recording made by MIKAELA MATTSSON which has been heard frequently on the airwaves locally for some time now. The song was also sung live by the amazing Therese Karlsson at the grand opening of the games on June 27. INFO HERE!




March 22nd 2008

Welcome to my new website, I hope you like it.


March 21st 2008 saw the release of my latest album Mattsson - Dream Child

“Dream Child” introduces the stunning new female vocalist Adrienn Antal.

“Dream Child” represents the most solid album to date from Mattsson, building upon the solid foundation laid by 2005’s “War” the new album sees symphonic metal mixed with progressive and gothic elements spiced up with world music inflections to create an album which in Mattsson’s own words is “as complete as possible”.

To learn more about "Dream Child" click HERE!

February 04 2008:
The next MATTSSON album is completed and will finally be released on March 21 2008. "Dream Child" consists of 12 tracks of symphonic metal with progressive, gothic and ethno influences. The star of the show is new singer Adrienn Antal and a download only single has just been released HERE! in 2 versions: album version and as radio edit.
August 30 The next MATTSSON album will not be released until early 2008. The reason is delays with the vocal recordings. I have some really great singers but they will need more time to complete their work. 



April 11 2007
The next MATTSSON album is coming along really well. I am going to incorporate strings and a big classical choir. there will also be lots of Ethnic influences. I am still looking for the right singers but I think I might have found them:-)

March 08, 2007
I am in the early stages of composing the next MATTSSON album which I expect to have released in September 2007 if things goes as planned. It will certainly be more song focused and easier to listen to than "War". I am trying a few new "tricks" and hopefully something fresh will come out of this. I am also planning an acoustic album which I started working on last summer. And who know, there might also be a third CONDITION RED album out late 2007 or early 2008...



November 6, 2006
The second Book of Reflections albums titled "Chapter II: Unfold the Future" is out in a few days!

October 13, 2006
The second Book of Reflections albums titled "Chapter II: Unfold the Future" will finally be released next month. The album is already at heavy airplay at the web radio station LOUD METAL RADIO and a longer interview will eventually be posted at their website. It's been a long ride but it has been good to work with such great guys as Martin LeMar, Björn Jansson, Mistheria, Anand Mahangoe, Eddie Sledgehammer etc... BOOK OF REFLECTIONS have a MySpace site HERE

July 18, 2006
I have finally set up my own MySpace site just like so many other musicians seem to have done before me. Better late than never I guess... Please check it out - it's HERE!

July 04, 2006
The second Book of Reflections album is finished except for a few vocal tracks and the final mixing. I should already have been working on the next MATTSSON album but some other things came up so it's very likely that this album will be delayed.



December 30, 2005
My new all instrumental solo album "Earthbound" is out. I am very happy with the album - check it out at - all of my releases are now played regularly on the web radio LOUD METAL RADIO
As another year has passed I can now look back at the most productive year of life as I have released both "WAR" and "EARTHBOUND" during 2005. The times in the music business have probably never been this bad and I am not sure that the business will still be existing in a few years. I see a lot of changes coming in the near future. However there are still a few projects that I am going to complete if I can. I plan to finish the second "BOOK OF REFLECTIONS" album first of all. The music is already composed and the recordings of the backing tracks are more or less completed. Two future projects I would like to work with are first of all a new MATTSSON album as I have an exciting new musical path that I would like to explore, and then I would like to do something more or less all acoustic.

August 2005
My new progressive metal rock opera "War" has been released, the reviews are mostly excellent as you will see if you check them out at the website. I am a hard working man so there are always some new projects in my head and my next step will be a completely instrumental solo album. I know that some of you guys have been waiting for this ...It's already 14 years since I released my only previous instrumental album (Electric Voodoo). .. wow... Anyway the album will be called "Earthbound" and it's fairly basic stuff, mostly just guitar, bass and drums. A minimum of keyboards are included on some of the songs. I think the title suits the music prefectly. Expect a November 11 release. Artwork is once again done by Andre' Beckston who did WAR, Boof of Reflections, the second Condition Red album etc...A very talented and nice guy.

 February 2005
My new progressive metal rock opera "War" is almost completed, vocals for one of the songs is all this is missing so I expect to finish the album in a couple of weeks. It feels really good to more or less complete this very daring project. I am extremely happy with the result...and I do hope that you will be too...




November 2004
I am working on my most daring project ever, a progressive metal rock opera / concept album! Mark Boals, Andre' Vuurboom (ex-Sun Caged), Irene Janssen (Ayreon/Star One), Lance King (ex-Balance of Power/Empire) are some of the singers, Vitalij Kuprij is doing some incredible keyboard stuff. There will also be a big group of choir singers from both the folk, opera and metal world included. Musically speaking, this is very heavy and melodic and melodic at the same time. There is a lot of odd meter stuff going on and I have tried very hard to go places where I've never been is a blast working with all these incredible musicians.


May 2004
I have been busier than ever, working on more stuff than ever before, and enjoying it a lot! I have recorded 5 Jimi Hendrix covers, "Spanish Castle Magic" and "Room full of Mirrors" together with Chris Poland, Little Miss Lover with Ritchie Kotzen, "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" with James Byrd and finally "Villanova Junction" with Condition Red. The vocals were all done by Alf Wemmenlind of "Mister Kite". The songs were all recorded for the Lion Music albums "The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix Revisited vol I and II". It was a blast doing these songs! For the album "Shane Lane Remembered" I composed and recorded the song "Five Lanes" - the title refers to the 5/4 rhytm that the entire song was written in. I also finished the new Vision album "On the Edge" with singer John Jeff Touch, and my neoclassical band "Book of Reflections" is finally to be released on Lion Music and King Records in Japan. The album also features the guitarist Rusty Cooley, keyboard wizard Vitalij Kuprij and the singers are Andy Engberg (Lion's Share), Mikael Holm (Winterlong), Hubi Meisel and Torgny Stjärnfelt.
On top of all this I have begun work on my most daring project ever, a metal opera! I am currently working on the lyrics, the title is yet to be decided on but I can at least tell you that it's not based on any historical or fantasy stuff...There will be a whole bunch of great singers on this album. Details will be posted soon.




September 2003
Condition II has been released and I am currently working on a project called "Book of Reflections" which is a neoclassical power metal kind of project that will also feature guitarist Rusty Cooley, Vitalij Kuprij on keys, and three different singers: Andy Engberg (Section A/Lion's Share), Mattias Holm (Winterlong) and Hubi Meisel (ex Dreamscape). I am also recording some stuff for a coming Jimi Hendrix tribute as well as working on a Vision release.


July 2003
Power Games is out, the reviews have been great and I can truly say that I have never been as happy with anything I've done before as I am with this album. However, I am busy as never before, I have recorded a track for the July 24 release "Beyond Inspiration - A Tribute to Uli Jon Roth" (I'll be Loving You Always) and for a coming Blackmore tribute I played on "Self Portrait", "Black Night" as well as "Still I'm Sad. I have completed the second Condition Red album which will be released late August and I am working on a new all star project album to be released under the name "Book of Illusions". There will also be one more Vision album released next year. I thought I wouldn't work with Vision anymore but I found a killer singer that suited perfect and I already had the songs composed, 5 of them were written in 1993 and the remaining 5 in 1998 but now I have updated them a little bit. On top of all this I will work on a new Mattsson album, I already have one song composed and recorded except for the vocals. And I almost forgot to tell you about me taking part in a Hendrix tribute....


January 2003
Power Games will be released in February!


November 2002
Finally the new album has been completed. The new album "Power Games" will be released in February 2003, see for more details. I am very happy with the result and feel that this is without doubt my best work ever. While Lance King were recording the vocals in Minnesota I also recorded some guitar and bass parts for the coming second Condition Red album. Details about this album will be announced later here, at and


August 2002
Today, August 05 I have finished the recording of an all instrumental shred song that I wrote last week for the second volume of the Jason Becker Tribute. I haven't decided on a title for this song yet and I have certainly never ever completed a song this fast before. It's less than a week since I decided that I should write something for this album but I am very happy with the result.


July 2002
The new album will be called "Power Games" and Mattias Noren is making the artwork. There will be some changes this time, Lance King (Balance of Power / Empire) will be handling all vocals and I guess it's safe to say that Power games will be more progressive than Another Dimension, but still not too far away from that album in style.


May 2002
The new album is going to contain 8 songs. 9 are being recorded but one will be an optional track saved for another time. There will only be one instrumental on the album but it's 17+ minutes long! This will be Lars definitive guitar concerto... Lars has been working on some other projects recently like mixing the debut album of Greece keyboard wiz Bob Katsionis which will be released by Lion Music in June, playing organ on two tracks for the debut album of US band "Truth of Fiction" also a Lion Music release, playing guitar on the song "Allure" performed by Haven for a coming charity release for the victims of the September be released by Frontiers Records. Lars has also been involved in the production of a new international act "Star Queen" as well as engineering several other projects.


January 2002
The music for the new album is composed. the lyrics remain. Bass, Drums, keyboards and rhythm guitars are recorded. We are going for eight songs, out of which a few are quite long. there will be only one instrumental, but it's meant to become "the" instrumental. There will be a small break in the recording process at this stage as lyrics will be finished and we would also like to have a guest or two appear and there are some practical things associated with this we must solve.




November 2001
Lars is currently in the studio recording demos and writing material for a new album to be released during first half of 2002. The new material is progressive and heavy and it looks like the album will contain fewer but longer composition than "Another Dimension" (2000).

Lars debut album ETERNITY was re-released in a totally new version on August 28 2001. Due to contractual difficulties Lars decided to make a completely new recording featuring singer Bjorn Lodin. The album also contains the song "Children of the Sun" which should have been on the album originally but somehow didn't make it. This is just like a new album, even though the songs were all written for the debut album, originally released way back in 1988. You can order this CD and all other Mattsson CDs now from

Lars will be writing music for a completely new album this fall. This album will be a follow up to 2000's critically acclaimed "Another Dimension".

Lars is also appearing on the recently released "Warmth in the Wilderness - A tribute to Jason Becker". Together with Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen) Lars is performing "Hammerhead Shark", together with Robin McAuley and Pamme Kirby "Tell the Truth" and Lars wrote also wrote the album's "Outro Jam" specially for this album. On this song Lars is joined by Torben Enevoldsen, Patrick Rondat, Mike Chlaskiac (Halford), Ron Thal, James Byrd...and finally Lars played bass on Torben Enevoldsen's "Altitudes".





Lars released two albums this year, the first album under the name MATTSSON: ANOTHER DIMENSION, featuring lots of cool guest as we all singer Bjorn Lodin.

Later in 2000 the first CONDITION RED album saw the light.   

a compilation album BEST OF VISION including 5 unreleased tracks was alos released.



Lars wrote and recorded most pf the MATTSSON album Another Dimension, but after his father's passing in July Lars took a break from music for a while.




Lars released his best solo album to date OBSESSION featuring singer Bjorn Lodin.
For the first time Lars really felt like he was finding his own voice within music.

Lion Music released reissues of Lars' first album ETERNITY, his third album ELECTRIC VOODOO, and Lars Eric Mattsson's VISION


Lars released the second Vision album TILL THE END OF TIME featuring singer Randolph Reymers.
This was the second release on Lars own label Lion Music, two years after the first one.


Lars released the self titled ASTRAL GROOVE album featuring singer Bjorn Lodin. The album had been finisged during 1994.
This was the first release on Lars own label LION MUSIC although the company was founded in 1998.


Lars Erim Mattsson's VISION palyed a few gigs and recorded a second album that never was to see it's release and thus the band split up.
Being chained to a record label that was never satisfied took all the energy,
but in the end it was not the music that was lacking, the record label simply had no money and went bankrup soon after.
All these difficulties are the reason why the label Lion Music would later surface.


Lars Eric Mattsson's VISION was released worldwide through Apollon/FEMS and Roadrunner.



Lars released his third album, the all instrumemtal ELECTRIC VOODOO through the French indie label Black Dragon Records, the album was also released in the USA through Leviathan under the name THE EXCITER.



Lars released his second album, NO SURRENDER through the French indie label Black Dragon Records, while also being signed to Apollon/FEMS for Asia. Both NO SURRENDER and ETERNITY were released in Japan with different mixes and artwork.



Lars  was signed to the French indie label Black Dragon Records and released his first album ETERNITY.



Lars' band ETERNITY released a vinyl single LET ME ROCK YOU/TAKE ME HOME as well as a 4 track solo EP "Can't Go On Without Your Love" and an 8 track mini album on Cassette THE FINAL POEM. ETERNITY had the track CHILDREN OF THE SUN on a British compilation album "Rock Meets Metal" and Lars himself had two tracks on another British compilation album.



After JOE COOL split up Lars formed the band ETERNITY and recorded a bunch of demos as well as performed live as much as possible. The band split up as Lars was offered a solo artist record deal in 1988.


Lars' first serious band JOE COOL in which Lars wrote all the music performed a lot live and recorded a number of demos. Lars was beginning to find his own style, being heavily influenced by Richie Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth to name a few.


Lars picked up the guitar after having played the bass in many bands for a number of years and started gigging a lot with various local cover bands. During this preiod Lars became obsessed with music and specially guitar playing. Lars goal was to become a good song writer more than a good musician as that was his main reason for replacing the bass with a guitar.


Before 1980:
Lars gigged a lot with various local cover bands as a bass player playing all kinds of music. Lars was self taught all the way and knew nothing about music when he started out in his teens. Lars was gigging just months after picking up his first instrument.