The original line-up also recorded a second Vision album in 1993 but due to problems with our record label (It actually went bankrupt) the album was never released and the band split up. A few years later I tried to put the band together again but it really did not work so I found this local singer Randolp Reymers who does have a very good voice and he helped me out finishing this album. I was quite tired of the music business to be completely honest I was not very inspired but I am glad I did it because soon after the fire came back and I started working on my album "Obsession" whcih I do consider to be my first step into finding my own voice as a musician.

Surrender to Love
Season to Change
Open up Your Heart
Look in Your Eyes
From Birth to Eternity
Till the End of Time
Not Foolin' Me
River of Love
I belong to You
Just Take a Walk
Out of Love

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Randolph Reymers - Vocals
Bjorn Lodin - Vocals