I am currently using a small Mesa Boogie 25 W Rectoverb with some Stratocasters and normally I don't really need any pedals whatsoever with this great amp but I do have a big pedalboard that I don't use much.

Besides from these pedals I use a Cry Baby wah wah in the studio, the above peda are mostly for live use really.

I recorded the distorted guitars for my November 2017 album "Sand an Blood" through a Marshall JCM800.

Since moving late 2012 I have upgraded my recording chain:
Great River Preamp, Little Labs Redeye Preamp, API Channel Strip, UA LA 2-610 Recording Channel, E-labs Mike E... 
RME Interface, Korg Rack tuner, Genelec 8040 Speakers, and
I Record on a Mac Pro running Logic Pro.


Various Acoustics Fretless Bass Maniac, Warwick Thumb Bass, Valley Arts Standard, Coral Electric Sitar (1967), Rickenbacker Bass (1974), Valley Arts Custom Pro, Feder Strat US with True Temperament Neck. Fender Stratocaster 1961, 12 String Rickerbacker clone, Acoustic Sitar, paisley Park Telecaster (previous owner Louise Hoffsten)