I am currently using a small Mesa Boogie 25 W Rectoverb with some Stratocasters and normally I don't really need any pedals whatsoever with this great amp but I do occationally bring out my Wampler Compressor (for clean sounds only) and one of my wah wahs, either a Cry Baby or a Fulltone Clyde. Planning to add a Univibe, a Phaser and an echo pedal as well.

Since moving late 2012 I have upgraded my recording chain:
Great River Preamp, Little Labs Redeye Preamp, API Channel Strip, UA LA 2-610 Recording Channel, E-labs Mike E... 
RME Interface, Korg Rack tuner, Genelec 8040 Speakers, and
I Record on a Mac Pro running Logic Pro.

Various Acoustics Fretless Bass Maniac, Warwick Thumb Bass, Valley Arts Standard, Coral Electric Sitar (1967), Rickenbacker Bass (1974), Valley Arts Custom Pro, Feder Strat US with True Temperament Neck. Fender Stratocaster 1961, 12 String Rickerbacker clone, Acoustic Sitar, paisley Park Telecaster (previous owner Louise Hoffsten)      

I recorded my first albums on analogue tape, "Obsession" and the second Vision album "Till the End of Time" were done on ADAT's, around 1999 I bought a Pro Tools 24 plus system, but lately I have been working mostly with Logic Pro which I prefer over Pro Tools. When it comes to recording I am a Mac freak. Windows might be cool for office use but not for serious music stuff if you ask me. Things were definitely not better in the old day. Tape machines needed lots of maintenance, ADAT's had lots of problems with the tape and the machines were far from perfect. With Pro Tools or Logic Audio things do go wrong too, I lost two weeks of work once when my computer crashed. I had to redo all the bass parts of "Condition Red" plus some other stuff. That was NOT funny. What did I learn? Always Back-up!


I recorded most guitars on my 2013 release "Epicentre" as we as the re-recorded guitars on my two early days compilations "Hot and Able (1983-85)" and "Let Me Rock You 1984-87)" with a Soldano SLO-100 Ampl through a  Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet, or sometimes a Fender Twin or a Fender Bassman and I am always experimenting in order to  improve my sound. I also occationally borrowed Marshall and Orange amplifications to try out but sude them very rarely. I have a few different microphones I use, either an AKG C414, an MD441, a Lawson L47, an SM57 or a combination. In the past I used a lot of stuff llike Pod's but they have all gone to retiremnet now and I hope they will stay there:-)

I don't really use any pedals, except for a Cry Baby wah wah. I have used the Roger Mayer voodoo 2 on one or two occations, same goes for the Ibanez Tube Screamer. I don't like Chorus pedals at all, but sometimes I do use either an MXR Phase 90 or a Univibe.

I use a lot of soft synths but also a Nord Lead and most of the stuff that comes with Logic Pro.