Condition Red mixes progressive metal with hard rock, neoclassical and fusion. The new album, simply entitled Condition Red II, is quite different from what the band did on their self-titled first album, even though some elements are still present. This time all vocals are handled by Ella Grussner who also plays some killer violin on a few spots on the album. Drums are played by Gerald Kloos who is a member of Empire (featuring Neil Murray, Tony Martin, Don Airey and Rolf Munkes) guitars are once again played by Lars Eric Mattsson and Alex Masi. Alexander King returns on keyboards just like on the first album. Condition Red II contains 13 songs, of which some are shorter instrumental interludes - and no song is over 7 minutes, unlike on the first album where the focus was on three very long pieces (and three shorter).

This album was reissued in March 2014 as download exclusively with much improved mixing and partly new vocals on yje songs "Why Won't You Hear Me" and "Eye of the Storm" due to the fact that the original files had been lost.


The Warning.
Eye Of A Storm.
Time Passes By.
The Eagle's Return.
It's Not Too Late
Why Won't You Hear Me?
Seven Stars.
Your Freedom.
Train Insane.
Out Of The Red.

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards and voices
Alex Masi - Guitars
Ella Grussner - Vocals + Violin
Gerald Kloos - Drums