Here below you can find some of my current instruments, some favourites and some I haven't touched in years:-) The US Strat which I have modded is currently my favourite, while the Valley Arts Custom Pro is what I use for lead guitars if the Strat won't work. I use the Boel 7-sting mostly for rhythm work. The Telecaster I haven't used much before but it's the main rhythm guitar on "Too Late" and "Couding My Eyes" on my "Epicentre" album. The 1961 Strat is also very nice for clean stuff and you can hear it on for example "So Far Away" (clean solo).

I started out as a bass player before switching to guitar and recenly I have become more into playing the bass again. My 3 basses are very different sounding. Previously I have mostly used the Warwich but in "Epicentre" I used the Rickenback for most songs, and the fretless one on the others, so I did not touch the Warwick this time.


Valley Arts Custom Pro
US Fender Strat modded with true temperament neck, Seymour Duncan Hot Rails etc...(Vintage in the mid pos)
Boel MC 7 String
Fender Stratocaster 1961
Valley Arts Standard
Fender Telecaster Paisley Park
(previous owner Louise Hoffsten)
12 String Eagle Rickenbacker clone
Coral Electric Sitar 1967
The real deal: Indian Sitar
Bass Maniac fretless bass
Warwick Thumb bass
Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass 1976
Fender Dobro
Landola mandolin
Aria Nylon String
Line 6 Acoustic
Samick Nylon String