August 2014:

25th Anniversary update:

I have spent the last year working on remixing eight albums as part of the 25th anniversary of my first record deal in Japan as my albums "Eternity" and "No Surrender" were released over there in 1989. These are the albums I have been reworking and their release dates.


January 2014

March 2014
Unfold the Future
August 15 2014
June 2014
Lars Eric Mattsson | Earthbound

Sept 18, 2014

(Incl. bonus track)
October 24, 2014

(Incl. bonus track)
November 14, 2014

(Incl. bonus track)
December 12, 2014

From now on we are only dong digital releases as I have seen the interest in physical albums fall rapidly.

Next year I plan to not be chained to the studio 24/7 as I have been the last year. Of course I wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to, but it was more a matter of wanting to have it done than wanting to do it:-) Hopefully I will be able to do something completely different, but then again, you never know what tomorrow brings...

August 2013:

End of an era:

One thing is clear, times will always be changing. We are now entering the end of the CD format era. I know many people say they still want to have a physical product to hold in their hands, but the numbers say something very different and you can feel it very clear when you have a look at the state of the music industry and talk to the professionals. I can't change the world, but I can accept it and try to understand it. For the first time I am releasing and album exclusively in digital format (EPICENTRE, September 20, 2013).

Where will I go from here?

Impossibe for me to say. I am not really doing music for any other reason than to please myself, I have never strived to make a "hit" or sell out to get more fans. I just try to do my own think the best way possible. On the other hand I have been going through phases when I have had different goals and as I am always trying to learn new things I do love to experiment, so things have not always been constant. However, I have come to notice that I do have a big back catalogue of which some stuff could have had much better audio quality so I hope to be able to revise some albums doing the next years in order to present updated masters of some of my back catalogue eventually. That is in case I won't get caught up in something else of course :-)

I have been doing music for a very long time and gone through many different phases in life, with both ups and downs like most people, but music has always been the healing power and the one thing that has kept me going despite all the challenges of life. It has probably never been more fun than now to create while the process at times can make me feel very empty at times. This is because when I am deep into a creative flow I just can't stop to breathe or sleep. I think my music kind of gets written by itself, I just channel the ideas and I have never found it hard to come up with ideas.

I am a  total perfectionist and something of a control freak, for good or bad and prefer to make all the decisions by myself. On the other hand I love to be a "band guy" if the chemistry is right and (as most of the time has been the case) I am expected to do all the hard work.

I would not mind touring but only if the circumstances were right.

Personal reflections on the state of the music business

It's no big news that sales have been falling for everyone for years now, and it's more or less impossible to make a living as a musician unless you are able to tour on a decent level. Some other things I believe are making things worse is that it's too cheap and easy to record now compared to in the past and everyone wants to be a star without much quality control taking place. One of the things I think is killing the interest in music is all these "project bands" that are flooding the market. Some guys appear as a member of 5-10 (or more) different bands which makes you question how much they really did put into a certain album, and even though music of the music is "good" it quite often kind of sounds like it was manufactured after a preset formula. If the members of the legandary bands from the 70-ies for example would have played in 10 bands each none of them would have been considered essential in the way they are tought of now. I might have done a few (!) side projects myself in the past but when it come to my two last albums "Aurora Borealis" and "Epicentre" I spent about a year on each of them and I don't think I could have worked any harder on making them better.