Released in digital format on June 20, 2014.
16 Vocal tracks.



This 16 track album features the music I wrote for and performed with my first serious band Joe Cool between 1983-85. Going through my catalogue I found a lot of stuff I felt was better than what's on my first albums so I definitely think they should be heard. This album is the first in a series of two.

01. Hot and Able
02. Takes One Fool
03. Run Tonight
04. Left Out in the Cold
05. See the Stars
06. Scarlet
07. Don’t Think It’s Love
08. This Wolf Hunts Alone
09. Lay Down Your Sword
10. Rock the Nation
11. The Dream Has Gone
12. Don’t Throw Away
13. Enola Gay
14. Stranger in Your Own Land
15. Eyes of a Liar
16. Out on My Own


All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards by Lars Eric Mattsson
Drums and percussion – Christer Jansson
Hammond Organ - Alexander King

All music and lyrics written by Lars Eric Mattsson between 1983-85

Recorded and mixed at the New Lion’s Cage March-May 2014.