Book of Reflections was put together by Lars Eric Mattsson after having been approached by an Asian record company, and once all the right members were found all the pieces started to fit together extremely well and the result was much better that one could have imagined! The idea was to create a fast and furious yet very melodic album that would nether be too complicated nor too simple and on which the vocal melodies would stand out. Even though the musicians are all of very high caliber this album is not about virtuosity its all about the high energy songs.

The guitars of Rusty Cooley and Lars Eric Mattsson as well as the keyboards of Vitalij Kuprij are nothing but breathtaking, the solos on this album are some of the hottest ever on a Lion Music release but Book Of Reflections is still more about good high energy songs and t
he vocals of the four lead singers of Book Of Reflections are all outstanding.

Guardian of Time.
Going Through The Motions.
Tearing Down.
Slippin' Away.
Only One Truth.
Child of the Rainbow.
• You're Not Alone.
• Book of Illusions.
• Let it Go.
• Blood From a Stone (European bonus track).
• Eternity Calls (Japanese Bonus Track).

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars and Bass.
Rusty Cooley  - Guitars
Hubi Meisel - Vocals
Andy Engberg  - Vocals
Mikael Holm - Vocals
Vitalij Kuprij  - Keyboards
Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums